When You Want to Author a Book That Generates Leads, Increases Your Online Traffic, Turns You Into a Celebrity -- Without Typing a Word, Here's Your Chance to Discover...


"It's like having a book that writes, edits and publishes itself so you differentiate yourself from competitors, get media, generate new leads, raise your prices, and much more..."

From the desk of Colin J. Campbell
Montreal, Quebec
Oct 3rd, 2018

Dear Friend,

If you're a small business owner, freelancer or entrepreneur, what's the best use of your time?

... Spending weeks, months, and maybe even years writing a book?

Likely not.

The best use of your time is probably selling to clients, speaking, talking to prospects, completing your client-work, following up, etc.

So, how do you speed up the process of publishing your book with your "authentic voice" in the content -- without having to write it!?

Here's part of the secret...

Be an Author,
Not a Writer!

Writing is hard and takes a long time.

Authoring is easy and does not have to take long.

Let me PROVE it to you by sharing a unique publishing method.

This method is something that smart, time-conscious entrepreneurs are using to get their book content DONE in only an afternoon of their time.

The process is called...

Speak. Record. Publish!

"Speak, Record, Publish" (SRP) enables you to do what you're best at:

Talk about what you love -- and your words are transformed into your book for you by a team of professional writers, editors and designers.

It is the fastest, most "hands-off" method for you to get your book published so you can market your business better.

Here's how the SRP System works...

Step One: Speak!

You meet a professional interviewer LIVE online.

He or she shows you a series of questions on a screen.

All you have to do is READ the question and answer it!

Your interviewer will help clarify any points where necessary.

Step Two: Record!

Every moment of your interview is recorded.

Our team transcribes the recording.

Then, Formula Publisher™ team handles the rest of the process!

Step Two: Publish!

Your transcriptions are professionally edited.

We work with you to design your cover.

We publish it for you!

Case-Study: Kirk Jaffe

Kirk Jaffe is a mortgage broker from Sherman Hills, California.

He used the "Speak Record Publish™" process to author his book:

Secrets to Choose The Right Mortgage Officer: How Real Estate Agents Take Control of Transactions & Client-Experience

He now uses his book as a tool for getting referrals!

"Imagine what could happen for your business with a book that appeals to YOUR target market!

If you're tired of struggling to finish your book, and you want to finally complete this project once and for all...

Finally Get Your Book DONE!

Here's what to do:

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If your application is accepted, you and I will meet live (online) and see if the Speak, Record, Publish™ process is a right fit service for you.

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Looking forward,

Colin J. Campbell