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Formula Marketer is a direct-response marketing agency. We use proven advertising methods to generate new leads and increase your profit.

Hi Colin J. Campbell here,

My company helps people like you — entrepreneurs and independent professionals — make more money.

We do that by helping you generate leads and sell to them with “education-based” marketing.

See, most prospects don’t have enough information to make a buying decision.

Plus: they’ve got so many options to choose from, they’re overwhelmed.

Lastly: most of their options are advertising the same hype-BS: “Buy from me. I’m the best. Don’t choose the other guys.”

This leaves our prospect feeling confused.

They don’t know who to trust.

What’s more: they compare all services based on price instead of value.

That is not good for them, and it’s not good for us either.

They end up buying a cheaper product or service (likely inferior to ours)… and We end up loosing a client/customers OR reducing our prices to compete in the market (kiss of death).

The solution, as I mentioned, is “education-based” marketing.

When we offer a free gift — one that educates our prospects and gives them a sense of confidence — we differentiate ourselves from our competitors.

Our prospects perceive us as better and more valuable.

That enables us to sell at higher prices.

It also establishes customer-relationships earlier (they feel bonded with us and don’t need to consider going elsewhere).

It saves time because we repel price-shoppers and tire-kickers.

We also get more referrals because the buying process was so positive our new client wants to share it with others.

There’s more great news too (this is the best part).

Every point in these types of marketing campaigns are measurable.

If we spend $5000 this month on a marketing campaign, we know exactly how much profit that investment makes.

That brings a sense of cash-flow consistency to our business and personal life.

It also helps us grow our companies with reliable stability.

Education is the key to acquiring the best buyers...

... And  that's what Formula Marketer is all about.

I would love for you to experience the benefits of education-based marketing for yourself.

Head to the home page and get one of our free gifts that'll help you attract higher-level clients and sell to them.

If you have questions about a marketing campaign you're working on, head over to the contact page for help.

Sincerely: thanks for visiting,

Colin J. Campbell
Founder, Formula Marketer Inc.