When you want to author a book that generates leads, increases your visibility online and transforms you into an instant celebrity -- without needing to write it (or hire a ghost-writer), here's your chance to discover...

THE Easiest Way of Authoring Your Book Without Writing it

"It's the closest to having a book that writes, edits and publishes itself... So you can use it to differentiate yourself from competitors, get media appearances, generate new leads and raise your prices."

Dear Friend,

If you're a small business owner, freelancer or entrepreneur -- the best use of your time is likely finding new clients and selling to them...

... It's not spending days, weeks and months writing in text documents, attempting to finish your book.

You likely know authoring a book helps you sell more... because it elevates your social status in the eyes of your best prospects.

So, how do you speed up the process of publishing your book, while maintaining your "authentic voice" in the content of your book?

Be an author -- Not a writer

Let me share a unique publishing method with you. It's something that smart, time-conscious entrepreneurs are using to get their book done in only an afternoon of their time

The process is called, "Speak, Record, Publish" or SRP.

SRP enables you to do what you're best at:

"Chat and rant for a few hours about your specialty."

... Then YOUR WORDS are placed into a book FOR YOU by a team of professional writers, editors and designers.

It's the fastest, most hands-off method for you to get your book done so you can use it in your marketing.

Here's how the SRP System works...


You meet a professional interviewer LIVE online.

He or she shows you a series of questions on a screen.

All you have to do is READ the question and answer it!

Your interviewer will help clarify any points where necessary.


Every moment of your interview will be audio recorded.

That audio gets transcribed by our team.

With "Speak. Record. Publish." all you have to do is have a fun, effortless conversation... Our team takes care of everything else for you.

With "Speak. Record. Publish." all you have to do is have a fun, effortless conversation... Our team takes care of everything else for you.


Our team handles the rest of the process!

Your transcriptions will be edited into a pretty manuscript by a collage trained editor.

We design the cover for you.

We publish it for you.

Book Case-Study:

This book was complete in less than 10 hours.

It has 56 pages, and I use it as a free gift to attract people who need help marketing their business.

One week after publishing it, Funnel Magazine approached me to write for their publication.

These little books have big power.


Remember the scene from Shawshank Redemption, when the main character, Andy Dufresne (Tim Robbins), finally escapes prison?

Andy Dufresne escapes from prison...

Andy Dufresne escapes from prison... Like you escaping from having to painfully write your book.

Well... If writing felt like a prison in the past: you can finally be FREE!

Like the gears of a clock, my team can take all the pain out of publishing.

Here's what to do:

If you're interested in having your book produced for you through the Speak, Record, Publish process, fill out the application below.

The price is not $50,000 (that is the true value, considering the life long by-products of being a celebrated expert in your niche).

The price is not $10,000 because we want to make this service available to the small business who needs to produce profit asap.

The price is only $5,000 (in 3 instalments) IF your application is accepted.

You deserve to complete your book NOW.

Fill out the application here:

But wait, there's more...

In addition to our team handling the whole process: writing, editing, formatting, producing your cover art, publishing (which, alone is a time-sucking process), writing all your descriptions...

You also get a $2,000 bonus!

After you book is published, you'll receive THREE HOURS of personal, one-on-one book-marketing consulting.

I, Colin Campbell, will personally work with you to design a campaign to promote your book to attract clients.

This is my gift to you for becoming an author.

This bonus WILL BE REMOVED FROM THIS OFFER, as my time is becoming more scarce as we increase our volume of books.

Also, the base-price of this service ($5,000) is ridiculously low for the amount of work we're doing for you... That price will also increase for this offer.

So, apply now and become an expert in your niche.